“We Outgrow Love Like Other Things” by Emily Dickinson

“We outgrow love like other things
  And put it in the drawer,
Till it an antique fashion shows
  Like costumes grandsires wore.”

-Emily Dickinson

So, what is love to you now?


8 thoughts on ““We Outgrow Love Like Other Things” by Emily Dickinson

  1. an understatement??? wowoweeee. 🙂 🙂 well, your blog will definitely be the best venue for that. hoping to read more. 🙂

    please delete the first post. it lacked the word “woman”. thanks. 🙂

    • well, this blog is created and dedicated for that..and I hope you’d enjoy reading them. I mostly write poetry, so you’d not really be seeing other genres (although I’ll post short stories by summer hopefully!)… hehe 🙂

      • thank you Mentor! Ahmm. Always feel free to critic, especially my future posts about analysis on literary writings. Thank you so much! Your mentoring continues here. 😀

        May our blogs be a vital source of Dulce et Utile! 😀

      • hey, i want you to enjoy your blog. who am i to critique your work? we are both bloggers here. hehehehe. but, thanks for the “invite”.

        dulce et utile… sweet and useful poetry – this will be your ultimate goal, my dear abi.

      • hehe because I feel like I need so much improvement, and you could guide me towards that.. hehe. So yes do feel free..

        Thank you so much, I am flattered and overwhelmed and these shall stand as an empowerment as I continue to write.. 🙂

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