“Reality Check”


“In the night of frozen spring,
I wrapped myself in icy sheets.
Cold enough to stay unshaken,
I shiver in outward prowess.

For some time life’s been this,
The wind blows and I know not
what it once meant to my ringing heart–
I hide under a thousand veils.

Days and nights I’ve walked alone,
Forgetting songs that epitomized it.
Shouting cries as I leave them behind,
Moving one step further, different.

But then one unexpected afternoon,
Too much remembering to forget,
Out from nowhere Lightning pierced
the false sunshine that beamed inside.

The warmth of winter embraced me.
Sheets melted as rain fell from my soul.
Ice shaken, crumbled, fell apart,
My authenticity, ye knew well.

There is only one phantom I know,
Who secretly follows my footsteps.
This realization hurts me sore,
For now I cannot choose to feel thee.

So tomorrow, when dawn breaks,
I’ll turn this melting pot to snow,
And let it hail all over me,
Unceasingly, ’til thou touchest me again.”


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