“Testimony of Pavlov’s Dog”


“Before when there was none,
I knew not what it is,
Nor the euphoric name it brings,
Neither its fashion filled with lustre.
All I knew was a desire,
That pinnacle of finality–
‘To delight and to savour!’
With all might, I imagined.
But then my Master,
Let me hear a jingling.
Undeniably inevitable,
Yet, and but uncertain.
Until moment by moment,
I settle to that sweet melody.
As if to find desire
On the contour of it.
‘It was only learned!’ But not?
No seeming way for escape!
When the sound was false,
‘Til then I knew betrayal–
I, trapped in cages!
Yet senses still attached to that
Tempting sound of deceit.
But no! I need to fight back!
Bark loud for this plea:
‘To be heard and to be free!’
Until my Master returned,
With a Key in His hand.
I succumbed to the process
Of unlearning yore’s beliefs.
Now that there is none,
When before there it was–
My Master only let me know:
‘There’s no bridge to desire.'”


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