“Memoria de Nada”

at Playa Calatagan, Batangas

Once in times past,
Your fleeting shadow flashed,
I then knew,
And chased footsteps to you.
All truth I thought was in such view.

Your couture showed a figure–
I was beyond sure.
I then knew,
Chance of a moment,
My heart’s exploding sentiment.

I ran, I leaped.
No matter how it was steep.
I then knew,
If I fell uncaught by you,
Still I shall remain true.

But you, vaporous lightning,
On my soul you did stammering.
I then knew,
Pushed to the abyss of regret
And shame–I long did lament.

But now tides have turned,
On your falsity I have spurned.
I then knew,
Your disappearance has resurrected me,
To turn away from the illusionary.

Miles away have I gone,
Now that truth is in its dawn.
I then knew,
Far from you, further and farther,
And love has come to me closer.

Now in times present,
Your presence no more lament.
I then know,
There is a vanity in memory,
In you nothingness all I see.


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