“Midnight Cries(is)”


“It happens usually at the break of light,
When it interrupts your good night’s rest.
In the middle of nowhere, can’t find your way back,
You just stare at the pitch black darkness.

The one closest to your heart is what’s brought back,
A time to detest what matters most deep within.
The middle of nowhere has its mysteries,
On how to make darkness so scenic and vivid.

In a snap, you’ll find yourself sniffing,
You’ll find your sheets being watered once more,
‘Til then the middle of nowhere is dangerous,
For it unravels secrets as light of the dark.

It is getting harder to breathe now,
You flip yourself left and right just to catch air.
In the middle of nowhere, you become an author
Of stories where you get to touch him again.

What is he after all that bothers you so much?
An intangible shadow of bliss’ concentrated puree?
The middle of nowhere holds the little key,
To unlock the admittance that leads to confession.

To return, to jump forward, to come true again,
He is but the most precious beauty you want to behold.
Yet in the middle of nowhere, you find him beside you,
As you stare in darkness you fade out once more.

Until the lull lures you away from this world,
And the light begins to break through the windows,
In the middle of nowhere you realize how much it weighs,
In your heart is he, whom you love so dear.”


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