“One drop fell out–
It found its home right there and then,
When it plunged just so rightly
In a sphere bowl, so wide.

Another drop followed,
Then came one after another.
Drizzles and showers pouring from
The condensed skies.

Every single drop that fell,
Knew it was worth the fall.
They thank Gravity for the pull,
This sphere is peace and rest.

Freedom and safe haven
Are what the drops saw from above,
To descend is transcendence,
In falling they found hope again.

In the bowl’s wide embrace
Is all the security and warmth,
Amidst the gray skies and
The changing lights.

Drops have filled the bowl,
And now they overflow.
But this sphere is beyond enough
For its width and depth know no end.

If love has a shape,
Won’t it be an infinitum of sphere?
A world we fall for,
A world we believe in.

Love is what catches
Every crying heart and soul.
And in here we may have fell,
Yet learned to rise again.

Everyday we fall deeper,
Yet we grow deeper.
To the bowels of this sphere,
Our roots so firm and solid.

The Creator of gravity knew best–
To invent the law of magnetism,
The clouds can’t stop the rain,
So are we just as inevitable.

Grateful to this sphere bowl,
Its drops brave to precipitate,
For ’tis the only fall where brokenness
Is changed to beauty evermore.”


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