“A Green Blade’s Soliloquy”


“Longed for purpose,
I sought.

Found too many fears,
I forsook.

One day, January,
I looked up.

The night suddenly bright,
I, caught in lunatic awe.

I felt weight pressed on me,
Blinded my sight of the sky.

However I was not saddened.
Finally I found meaning.

They were my foundation,
As I became theirs.

For in my mere existence,
I gave attachment.

In my very presence,
I gave reliance.

I gave them home,
They rejoiced.

A bed to lie upon,
They found rest.

A ground to stand upon,
They found strength.

Lastly a vow they made,
I was challenged.

To never give up,
I remained.

To stand tall,
I was inspired.

To look up,
I opened my eyes.

That moment I felt,
Oneness, so sound.

They departed,
I was renewed.

Their comeback,
I anticipate.

To reunite,
I now hope.

Here ends my soliloquy,
In front of you,

The winds blow me,
It’s time–

I bow.”


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