“No Chemist’s Conclusion”


“How could you define that,
Even chemical reactions suffice not
That which is felt within–
Beneath this skin,
The vessels that flow,
The nerves of impulses–
That undefinable surge.
More than just a tickling sensation,
Or the combination of freezing and melting–
Is the incomprehensible stimulus
That makes the eyelid close,
Causes the lungs to breathe deeper.
Such responses reveal,
As if in that twinkling moment,
One loses breath–
In every time it has been replayed,
The memory remains alive,
As if it were the first time,
As if it never ends,
Unbounded by time.
How could you write this reaction
In appropriate words?
Perhaps no science is enough
To further explain—
The moment ‘one moment’ transcends
The boundaries, the duration
Of the limiting time.”


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