“When the Tip of Two Wine Glasses Meet”


“There is this drunkenness that makes one sane
even in midst of overwhelming insanity.

At once you feel tipsy,
But then you find balance,
And now you realize,
You’re walking straightly ahead.

You would learn to be proper,
Not seeking attention,
Even when you’re just being yourself–
Dancing, leaping, running freely with the wind.

See, this is no usual drunkenness–
It spins you in infinite circles,
Yet in constant dizziness all is crystal clear.

You may fall once, twice,
But then you rise again,
Leaving the aches in the ground
And ready to get drunk again.

When you vomit, you’ll find
The unhealthy, intoxicating,
Threw out, and you’re set free.
Feeling lighter than ever.

Lastly the drunkenness is special–
It starts with a spark,
Yet the shine outlasts time
To lightyears of forever.

We’ve been drunk for one year,
Yet we have no regrets–
Cheers! Let’s have a toast! Let’s drink more!”


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