“If a dream can affect
The subconscious very well,
Then why does the heartbeat
Never change its purpose of beating
After every awakening?

If hallucinations can influence
The psyche with so much,
Then why does the mouth confess
Of what the truth is inside
After every withdrawal stage?

If drunkenness can trigger
Diverse finalities in one night,
Then why does the body
Tend to regret every movement
After every wasted hangover?

If any ways to pervert the heart
Could forecast its success,
None has to be ever so sure–
Still the mind is intact with
What or who the heart bleeds for.

Organic and naturally real,
With no pretensions or exaggerations,
Zero hypocrisies, all sincerity
Is in the every midnight cry of
An awakened heart that continues
to shout and fight for your name.”


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