“As time reaches its fullest swing–
To its 365th degree,
Beyond a full-circle is something
Worth to be achieved and acclaimed.

In every moment of every swing,
Was suspense and thrill,
‘Twas called faith and fear–
Of the unknown waters ahead.

There were numerous attempts
Of various responses,
To every stimulus given
Found in every little angle.

As the swing began from 1-12,
Every number pointed was unique,
A chapter that built this narrative,
This story of a full-circle.

For many times, they were sorrow,
Lamentable sleepless nights.
Yet many more are they joyous,
Sweetly laid in arms of care.

Now that it is 10 to 12,
The swing has acquired strength indeed,
In every toss of challenge to endure,
To wait, to hope and conquer prevail.

No regrets for this one whole ride,
That seemingly unplanned,
Now all seem to fall into place.
The end of this tunnel, there shall be light.”


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