“When the Day Comes”


“See the Dawn break forth
From the fog that tried to hide
This Light that can no longer wait.
The sea begins to glimmer–
As the edges, the curves,
(Downhill and upstream
All work together,)
Reflecting the glow of bursting
Light from the seams.
See the moon, stars
Meet the rising Light–
As if a hope they’ve waited
For so long.
Now is the time,
The time once longed for–
In midnights, when Light was repressed,
When the sea was raging,
Howling and growling.
This is the Light, that lead them home,
Where the moon and the star
Endured solitude together.
Knowing after some time,
The day will come,
And the Light they shine will point
To this far-reaching source.
Indeed how marvellous is this Light,
That warms their waiting hearts.
In the coldest, darkest nights,
This Light gives them comfort
And the lasting strength to go on,
And reach the rise of day.
This Light is their confidence,
A refuge they hold on to,
For Light entails a promise so sure,
To entities committed to stay true and pure,
To upholding each other,
Never letting go,
To these Light gives power,
To let them do the conquering
On Its behalf.
For Light will always remain alive,
To entities who believe in It.
And as the Dawn breaks forth,
All belief will be visible,
So clear, without any shadow,
The time has come for the Light
To cease its long wait to a lifetime of
Bright splendour.”


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