“Fatalism’s Mechanics”


Bound to fall, surely, speedily.
It is fate who dictates the
Projectile motion of souls.

Bound to unite with the opposite.
It is fate who creates harmony
In a world of chaos and ironies.

The impact creates precedence–
It is fate who says how far
Will this momentum reach.

No turning back in this destination.
It is fate who locks them
In a world pulling towards themselves.

History has been written in science.
It is fate who writes this piece
Whose words ring a melody forever.

Time plays its once in a lifetime.
It is fate who designed it,
Such an eternity within boundaries.

There’s no cure realized.
For it’s fate who decides
This plague to be so enduring.

The world shall soon see,
For it’s fate who has maneuvered
This work of science and art.

The law has set it already.
It’s fate that made this bond
An attachment none can ever sever.”


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