“Unconditional Condition”


“To lie is to stab knife
On the back of why’s and no’s.
On reasons of locking in,
What is supposed to be free.

To act is to wear masks
In front of hindrance’s face.
To play seemingly transparent,
Yet dense and ambiguous after all.

To hide is to indulge oneself
Against the pain of repression.
Suppressing that leads nowhere
But the same destination truth heads.

But to be heavy and not regret,
To hide tears and remain calm.
Ironies in life are but difficult–
Defense to offense does only more.

“The world fights this way”, they say.
What we assume and presume of others
Conludes and ends in ours.
We find ourselves never an exception.

Shall we press on this way?
Shall we remain and stay?
Is this even an option?
Or merely an unchangeable, irreversible…

Unconditional condition.”


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