15 signs you’re from ACE Curriculum

THIS FOR THE WIN. #ACECurriculumIsInTheHeart


1. When you know what six-inch rule is

2. When you can get a perfect 100 grade in your report card.

3. Passports mean something else to you

4. When you know what this is


5. When you stopped caring about detentions

6. When you try to explain how to diagram a sentence to those who went to public school or other curriculum

7. When people ask you how your annual exams or semestral exams went and you’re like, “What is this ‘exam’ that you speak of?”

*bonus point* when you actually feel lucky because you have no finals.

8. When you enrolled yourself in a summer class because you have many gap PACEs and people who don’t know ACE asked you if you failed your subjects

9. When you try to explain how ACE works, what PACEs are, and why are you in the same room with those who…

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