“Someday No More”


“Out from the hiatus,
From grey smoke turning to black,
From the horns and the yells,
I’ve crossed over the rainbow.

They say the world is in a forward
Progress. Perhaps not so,
For the colored world is fading,
By apathy, neglect and ignorance.

By saying nothing, saying ‘yes’,
It has lost the striking colors
God has originally painted then–
Men’s labour turned it plain.

At the rural scene I realized–
Back then materials were all I see.
Everywhere was uniformity,
Like Revelation’s prophecy after all.

What is with you we all seek–
the unreachable tangibility?
But undying lust for something
We can never actualize.

At the end we lost ourselves,
We know ourselves no more,
Perverted, abused, exploded,
Bringing frustration to our grave.

Perhaps the rainbow is not
The tangible, too high to reach.
It is not an end destination, even,
But a journey beginning now.

Now or never. The rainbow we want
Is within us, in our hands,
Stop the unattainable quest,
Start achieving today.

I’ve crossed over the rainbow–
The world isn’t hopeless yet.
Find meaning in the moment
And value His Present.”


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