“That Night a Star Fell”


“Fragile prowess out standing,
Caught his all being.
A star uproariously gleaming–
A peak worth climbing,
A treasure worth questing.

In his reach, impeccable,
She gladly took a fall.
His wish then possible,
In his hands unforgettable–
Losing breath yet stable.

Pulse that spoke poetry,
Warmth that reflected beauty.
Presence that snatched words,
A voice like the songbirds.

He loved her more truly,
Caressed her figure gently,
Simplest words sincerely
Ignited in her a jubilee.

Though her light did flicker,
Like an old bulb, a starter,
Yet his patience did differ,
In twinkling, growth he stirred.

A fallen angel after all,
Doomed worthless, incapable
By the fame, seemingly celestial.
Yet he deemed worthy, special–
With flames that shall sprout petals.

That night I knew,
Some falls, too good yet true,
A risk that made me anew,
Blaze of love construed,
That night I chose to love you.”


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