“The Real Price Behind Impulsive Buying”


“There is a price,
I never thought
I’ve gotta pay
at the end.

Or maybe I knew,
But the cost
Had no much
Of impact.

It was convincing,
The ad at first
Glance, too good
To be true.

Caught my eyes,
Caught my breath,
Captured my heart,

Enticing too,
Persuasive, this
Argument won

Impulses charged,
Compelling force,
Magnetized to
Embrace. Hold.

Yet at the back
My conscience is
Right still, it
Is still raw.

So I ate,
To puke is
Just too late.

Instead swallow,
Just not regret.
Learn the mistake,
Pay the price.

This is it,
The real cost–
Heavier than

Waking me still,
Striking me sore,
Reminding me–
Guard yourself.”


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