“Dichotomy Personified”


” We
Embody the dichotomy of living and
Dying. When we felt alive, did
We realize we’ll
Decease  — Sooner or later?
Yes and no.
We, dichotomy in flesh,
Are the mimesis–
Mirroring Irony of all ironies.
Best and worst mornings and
Nights. We are the entities
That possess the polarities. Sunshine and
Rains pouring heavy — The floods
Overwhelm in spring and
Fall. We are the bittersweet–
Tears and smiles
So let us, may
Stand whether
In black or white.
Numbness to begin,
All comfort
Freezing and crumbling,
Left into
Pieces unwavering
In the abysmal trench of
Coldness after the warmth.
Sinking further,
We, drowned by pain,
Are utterly powerless and hopeless,
Losing breath for real
This time,
Feeling nothing —
Of apathy and negligence, of
Lost memories of
Fondness blown away by tides,
Swept by the clockwise spin,
Away, far away.
Now here are we,
Reaching the seabed of

We wake up–
Rise again,
Sought after
By the one true
Light, shall
We transcend this cycle,
Shall gain breath,
Rebirth in this oasis,


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