“The Last for Now”


” I thank God that
I don’t need you now,
Yet still I want you.

I thank Him that adverbs modify
The verb, and defines clearly
The truism of the thought.

I thank Him that adverbs of time
Precisely depict the time table
Of such motion’s existence.

That it answers ‘when’
Is the harvest time–
When to need becomes needful.

Yet it also states
The ever-presence of desire–
That it stays and not departs.

For once, I thought,
The two are the same,
Yet now entirely different–

The former, a selfish motive,
The latter, selflessly–
A whole and pure prayer.

Unbounded by haste,
Yet compelled by urgency–
To wait, hope, and remain calm.

Nothing changed as far as wanting,
Yet no longer am I needing you
To feed my self-willed needs.

So I’m thankful,
These two verbs contrasted
By the presence of time.

And that time has gone by,
I have learned the difference–
Patiently, tenderly demonstrated by you.”


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