“The Last Vow”

Originally entitled “I Am Here”
060215 midnight.

” If ever you wonder,
I am just here.
I will do my best and strive hard
Not to give you a reason
To walk away.
I will not be too offensive
Neither aggressive
And edge you enough
To push you away.
I will just be here,
I will welcome your yea,
Your nay,
And your spaces and silence,
And everything in between.
I will welcome you as a whole
And in part.
I am just here.
I’m sorry for my impatience,
But know that I’m waiting still.
I’m sorry for my questioning
But know that I trust you so much.
I’m not letting go.
I’m sorry for saying sorry too much
But know that you made me learn
What and how, loving right is.
So if ever you wonder,
Close your eyes,
I am just here. “


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