“Two Hands”


“Two hands. One is short and one is long.
Don’t you see them pave the way?
Can’t you see how they point two directions
That are most of the time different from one another?
Seldom do we see them agree.
Seldom do their paths cross, meet
Most of the time they miss a shot.
Miss a split second.
A moment where one arrives after one has left.
Where one returns after one has given up.
Where one lingers while another moves.
And we always say that the timing is wrong,
It ain’t just right.
But don’t you see?
That’s the path they have to take my dear.
Different at most times.
Opposite too, sometimes.
And they struggle. Because they are to tear themselves apart and break free from the hand that connects them.
But they have to tread the path, and continue
Though it rips their ribs apart.
They still hold on. So tight that they don’t break down into pieces and if the short hand slows down in her progress,
The long hand is there to wait for her. They still move in motion and their constancy never changes. 60 seconds is always a minute and 60 minutes is always an hour and at the appointed time they will meet my dear.
So take heart because they will meet in time.
See the wonderful analogy?
That’s how things should be.
That’s how we should be.”


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