“We Have Come”


“We’ve come this far and I still can’t believe it.
Times have changed and I still can’t imagine–
For the better through the worst we’ve had it all in.
And I am so thankful that we are just here.

Like an unstoppable rhythm that bursts out into tears.
I smile from afar and let the wind carry it to you.
I know this is dramatic but allow me to express,
I am just so thankful that we are here.

Can it be possible for us to be glad in this severing?
Oh dear now I guess this is what love truly is.
We do not need to be a part of the success,
Yet separately we can rejoice, we can rejoice.

Times have changed–they healed and restored,
Miraculously and ironically it takes us to be apart
For us to see the bigger picture clearly and wonderfully,
Separately we do rejoice, we do rejoice.

So yes I thought the process is always storms,
But no, the Sun, He shines through clouds.
A consolation we feel in every hidden tear shed,
Now seas apart, shores await our beating hearts.

Passionately we tread, keep on walking this path
Straightened each day, though crooked be the world.
Take courage. Be strong. Be brave in loneliness,
For time comes and we shall meet halfway, and we would have come.”


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