“Catharsis “


(Thanks to Carl Jung’s Mythological Archetype on Water.)

“For once, the evening was so real.

It began with the sight of a sunset that reaches the gloomiest corridors of crumbling dreams.
I waited at the park, for a ride that took so long.
I met surprises that led me back to you.
Then on my way home,
I was not able to resist,
I revisited the days where evenings were so real.
At the same places, I saw, time moving swiftly.
With and without grace, I witnessed them again.
Then yes, the evening became real again,
As tears filled my eyes that was in drought
For days and weeks and months and years.
And as I release the dam built in my eyes,
I remembered my illness, the colds that clogged the pathways,
Of breathing, exhaling.
But in the midst of me hustling,
Doing my best to catch my breath,
I was reminded of how tears
Detoxifies. Purges. Cleanses. Purifies.
The reason we loved bodies of water.
The reason why we began facing the ocean
And ended facing a pond.
Then as I arrived home, I thought I’ve forgotten.
Not until I read, a story far-fetched,
But no. It made the evening even more real.
It showed how we can betray ourselves,
Each other,
And tears fell again, as I remembered
How you told someone else ‘I feel like I’ve lost something precious’.
The evening has become so real.
The evening is so real.
The evening will always be so real.”


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