All It Takes Is Faith


FAITH is the VICTORY that overcomes the world.
Indeed, it takes faith–full surrender to God’s control, letting go of things that beset us, facing our fears, stepping out of our comfort zones, holding on to God’s Word–to definitely please Him.

I believe the Lord is pleased when we maintain and sustain a ‘child-like’ faith–willing to give it all to the Lord and willing to do whatever the Lord requires us to do. That is faith. We don’t know what will happen next, but we trust God and His Word and that He is in control of whatever is happening now. I believe that is the ‘faith’ that pleases God.

Faith is obedience to God’s commands. It is trusting that obeying whatever God tells us to do will be for the completion of His work and His will for us. It is also being confident, unashamed of what what God wants us to do. It is to overcome the doubts that the world tries to put in our minds as we step in obedience and live by faith. It is to look to the Author and Finisher of our faith whenever the world around us tries to distract our attention and focus.

Lastly, a faith that pleases God is one that will ultimately, require us to lay aside the sin that besets us and to realize that our Heavenly Father’s chastisement is His way to bring us back to His ‘promised land’ for us. It is because He loves us so much and He wants His will to be fulfilled in us that’s why He has to chastise us and we have to put aside every sin that beset us, leave it there and stop playing around it. The Lord wants us to look up and ahead and allow Him to unfold His ways for us.

It is this faith that pleases the Lord. It is indeed this faith that moves mountains and creates the most unexpected and miraculous plot-twists in our lives that we would have never imagined happening. Ultimately, this is now the Lord fulfilling His Word to us. This is the Lord doing and completing His work in us. This is the Lord giving us the victory….

Indeed the Lord blesses obedience. He is pleased with our surrender because now it is no longer us who is bringing our lives to wayward places but He who knows best and who can bring us to His promised places for us. This is His promised abundant life for His obedient and faithful children. It may not be material abundance, but definitely spiritual abundance. Whenever we are obeying Him, pleasing Him by faith, we are actually in the center of His will, the best place ever. We wouldn’t ask for anything more but His presence to perpetually guide and keep us. We are ultimately filled spiritually because we can see the Lord moving by faith. We would realize how awesome is it to be by His side and never even wish to depart from it. Yes, there would be times where battles come, wars come, and the sins that we’ve laid aside a long time ago resurfaces and tries to distract our walk, but may the Lord increase our faith and realize that turning away from doubt and sin and turning to God for strength by faith is the only weapon to conquer them.

I learned that faith is indeed the victory that overcomes the world, and this faith that already conquered death (by grace are we saved through faith, not by works…) Is still and will always be our shining shield.


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